On My Work



In 1989 I started the project on daily “Writing“ that I have continued ever since. The writing process consists of individual, sign-like characters that never repeat themselves. The traces of movement entail complex lines of a sphere of motion that becomes ever more differentiated. The result cannot be read, or certainly not in the customary sense of the word.

The signs of this expansive matrix do not describe anything beyond their own vibration and the curved density of their frequency. It is not their task, claim and meaning to be equivalent or adequate to something "out there", to act as a symbol, or functional script coding information.

The moment one releases writing from that intent, something decisive happens in the movement of writing, because the absence of things returns in the concentrated present as the expanding intensity of the moment, which enters into the core of the script itself.

The focus is on the heterogeneous dynamism and unpredictable potentiality of the movement of writing itself, on that reality.

Between 1989 and 2009 the characters appear on a horizontal plane, a rhythm of rows and vertical columns. As the characters are rarely over 2 cm high, therefore large scale works span long periods of time. On one extreme, a 10 x 2 m canvas captures a timespan of more than a year of daily writings. (See the installation at Frankfurt Cathedral Museum, 2008)

And a work measuring 20 meters high and over 6 meters wide, reflecting a shorter period of time, filled the entire height of the foyer of a broadcasting station. The process could be experienced in an especially unique way, when one was travelling along the work in the transparent elevator. (See the installation at SWR, 2004)