On My Work


In 1989 I started the project on daily “Writing“ that I have continued ever since. The writing process consists of individual, sign-like characters that never repeat themselves. These traces of movement possess the character of complex lines pertaining to a sphere of motion marked by continuous progressive differentiation. The result cannot be read, or certainly not in the customary sense of the word.

The signs of this expansive matrix describe nothing external their own vibration and pulse rate. It is not their task, claim and meaning to be equivalent or adequate to something “out there”, to act as a symbol, or functional script coding information.

When script is divested of its semantic core, the motion of writing instantly implodes and the absence of things returns into the signs in the form of a condensed presence, of an expanding intensity of the moment. It is all about the unobscured reality of the bare and sheer motion of writing; about its inhomogeneous dynamics and limitless expandability, which in its own domain of influence and space of possibilities actualises a structurally differentiated language.